Welcome to Dan-Hassan AgroVet Shop, Nigeria
Yahaya Madaki Way, Kofar Kwaya, Katsina, Katsina State

Dan-Hassan Ventures Ltd. was founded in 1996 by with the vision of enhancing progress of Northern Nigeria’s agricultural sector by enabling easier access to essential farm inputs and technical knowledge even in remote areas.

Born and raised in Katsina, the founder witnessed the difficulties smallholder farmers faced in attempting to access quality fertilizers, seeds, feeds and livestock vaccines for village poultry and herds. While input manufacturers were located in Southern cities like Lagos or importing from abroad, few intermediaries existed to transport the goods to rural villages and provide training or veterinary expertise.

The founder aimed to link the gap between input suppliers, government extension workers and Northern farmers directly. Starting off as a one-man operation, he traveled farm to farm to supply inputs and provide training on behalf of manufacturers. This hands-on approach allowed Dan to build up trust directly with producers identifying their unique pain points and product needs.

Over the past 27 years, Dan-Hassan Ventures has grown to one of the largest input supply and distribution companies in Northern Nigeria with:

– A team of over 100 full-time agronomists, veterinarians, sales, logistics and support staff
– Long-term partnerships with leading Nigerian and international input brands
– Integrated supply chain networks with warehouses, transportation assets allowing delivery from any factory or port to last-mile rural villages
– Volumes of over 1000 metric tonnes of fertilizer, feed and livestock products distributed annually
– Over 500 farmers served across Nigeria’s 19 northern states

Additionally, Dan-Hassan Ventures works closely with farming cooperatives and governments to facilitate access to microfinancing, equipment leasing and crop insurance options. We also invest heavily in on-farm training, demonstrations and capacity building so farmers can maximize productivity from the solutions we provide.

Our People-First Philosophy

We strongly believe supporting the prosperity of Nigeria’s smallholder farmers is essential for national growth and development. Our supply chain solutions and customer service ethics put People First. From manufacturers to government partners to end users, we aim to add value at every step while being sensitive to religious and cultural local dynamics.

We are always looking for passionate, ethical talents from across Northern Nigeria to join our mission. Please reach out if you’d like to inquire about open opportunities to strengthen agricultural capacity and food security across the region!